By Canuck
Category: Meteor 2 Mods

You are disturbed from your peaceful evening watching the hockey game by an anonymous phone call. The Association for Chaos, Anarchy and Destruction have hijacked three warships in the Arctic Ocean! You, as Lieutenant Stefan Tallard of Joint Task Force Two--Canada's elite special operations team--have been given the task of eliminating the terrorists, freeing the ships' crews and preventing an international disaster. You hop on board the perilous Sea King helicopter and head north to put an end to the crisis....

This mod features a complete set of new weapons (including the devastatingly powerful 20mm Cannon!), new objects, graphics, powerups, sounds, and maps. It is for the "Meteor 2 v1.30 beta 1 (full stable)" version of Meteor 2.

JTF-2 Mod.zip (8.7 MB)
Updated: 30 August 2008