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Meteor 1 v1.41 Released (24 Jan 2023)
Go For It v1.60 Released (21 Jan 2023)
Mowteor v1.30 Released (18 Jan 2023)
Meteor 1 v1.40 Released (15 Jan 2023)


Parallel World
By DarkRain
Category: Meteor Maps

A cool map that uses many ROD enemies in it.

The (4.1 KB)
Hackinators Signiture Mod
By Hackinator
Category: Meteor 2 Mods

Quite an impressive mod. Its got an awesome sp, and coop campaign with animated texturing. (17KB)
Burning Bush
By Jerry VG
Category: Meteor Maps

This mission leaves you near the central base of the SAS Bad troopers...

Your mission is to destroy all that you see and to eliminate all enemies... (3.5KB)
By Papercut
Category: Meteor Mods

This is certainly a mega-mod. This mod continues where Meteor left off, it contains an entire new campaign with new weapons, graphics, sounds, monsters, music and more. This is a great peice of work from the same guy who made the last level in Meteor.

Meteor-WW3.exe (4675KB)
Enemy Outpost
By Spy
Category: Meteor Maps

The mission is to get the secret weapon back from the enemies. Pretty small map, (regular size) but fun. Also available on Co-op. (3KB)
By Aprentice
Category: Meteor Mods

Why bother? A lot of people does thing without a good reason. Yeah, I'm not going to write any stupid story!.
Ok... Ok... Here it is...

The terrorist faction called "Caperucita roja" has allied with some aliens to take the world!. You are a little kid that stoled a yellow car. After playing hours and hours of Rod Simulator, of Macrossoft, you knew how to use it. The yellow car has a nice weaponry, and a computer system that tell you your missions. Following your stupid patriotism (ya know, all that history lessons at school destroy your brain...), you'll fight for USA! (not for America... is well know that USA cares little about other countries...)

Good luck, little kid.
Signed: Commander Aprentice (59KB)
Bully Meteor Mod
By James Bunting
Category: Meteor Resources

This is a sample mod entitled "Bully Meteor", it was made with a very old version of Meteor and may not work properly under v1.2 or later.

in this example total conversion you play as a stuffed dog looking for his friends in the forest (quite a change really).

Feel free to finish this off!

BullyMeteorTest.exe (378KB)
By David (Meteor map author)
Category: Meteor Maps (3KB)
By Covar
Category: Meteor Maps

This mission is going to be tough. We have you as our only hope of succeding in destroying one of the enemys bases.

- Destroy all personel in the building except the hostages
- Rescue the hostages and acquire the Code CD
- Shut down the forcefields and collect the smart disk
- Get the red,blue and green swipe card
- Then make your way to the exit (2.8KB)
Script Test
By JohnWE
Category: Meteor 2 Maps

Ok, this map uses a bunch of triggers so that people can learn how to script better. I kept it simple (I think) so that everything should be self explanatory. To find the trigger you want, just look in the map editor at the sector that causes it and the find the cooresponding trigger in the script file, or just browse the scripts. They're arranged in order of being triggered. (5KB)