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Base Lambda
By DarkRain
Category: Meteor Maps

A neat indoor Single Player map.

Base (4.9 KB)
Mini Meteor
By armageddon1212
Category: Other Meteor 2 Stuff

A work in progress Meteor 2 clone made using Game Maker! (4.92 MB)
By Nilo
Category: Meteor Maps

This is a Multi Player map. MP maps cannot have briefings. Coop maps can. (3KB)
Commander Donic
Category: Meteor Maps

Ash is back with an amazingly cool mission to remove Commander Domic from the battlefield. Throughout this firefight, Ash saves many allied troops, and grabs every weapon in sight.

Copy the base folder in the .zip file into your meteor 1 folder. This map contains 3 explosive new units.

ulle (5.25KB)
Infected City
By Dominic (Meteor map author)
Category: Meteor Maps

This map's zip file contains addition units (rac files). Copy these files to base\races. (18KB)
The Great
By Don Ray Onnelainen
Category: Meteor Maps

You have been locked captured by the terrorists. You got a cosie cell, but you did have a little explosive things with you. Get out of the cell and the whole prison. (2.7KB)
Mankind E1: Struggle for Existence
By Papercut & DarkRain
Category: Meteor Mods

A spooky sci-fi TC by Papercut and DarkRain. Contains All new weapons, sprites, graphics, maps, and tileset. Killer gameplay, and a unique 'Modern' feel to it. Has 20 Maps total, and a boss battle in the end! (11929.9 KB)
By Aleksanteri
Category: Meteor Maps

Single player.

The zip file contains additonal files.
Copy SBAL.spr to base\sprites
Copy BSHOOTER.rac to base\races (3KB)
Field Battle (MP)
By DarkRain
Category: Meteor Maps

A Meteor 1 Multiplayer Map (2KB)
WW3 1st
By Juho
Category: Meteor Maps

You are captured warrior in World War III. You killed the guard and taked the code card. Now you can escape and help your troops win this battle and the war.

WW3 (8KB)