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Mini Meteor
By armageddon1212
Category: Other Meteor 2 Stuff

A work in progress Meteor 2 clone made using Game Maker! (4.92 MB)
By Mrazerty
Category: Meteor Maps

A Head to Head map, consisting of lots of vent crawling and a huge table&chairs in the middle. One detail: The table is loaded with explosives. Fun fun fun! (2 KB)
The Great
By Don Ray Onnelainen
Category: Meteor Maps

You have been locked captured by the terrorists. You got a cosie cell, but you did have a little explosive things with you. Get out of the cell and the whole prison. (2.7KB)
By David (Meteor map author)
Category: Meteor Maps (3KB)
By PetiX
Category: Meteor Maps

description: The reds are going to sell a big tank to GNV. You have to stop them of course and get the tank for us. (3.98KB)
The Brain
By Zable Fair
Category: Meteor Maps

Greetings, Commander. Intelligence has reported that an enemy
command post has been found hidden in the U.S. Virgin Islands.
The command post contains a supercomputer called The Brain that
contains vital information we must have. We have sent
spies to infiltrate the command post, but they have been
unsucessful. We believe that some of our spies are being held
captive in their prison cells. It is now up to you.

This map uses a custom tileset.
Copy thebrain.til to base\tiles (11KB)
Enemy Outpost
By Spy
Category: Meteor Maps

The mission is to get the secret weapon back from the enemies. Pretty small map, (regular size) but fun. Also available on Co-op. (3KB)
The Lab
By James Bunting
Category: Meteor Maps

We have discovered that the enemy is conducting secret experiments and creating a race of mutants. We need you to put a stop to this!

We sent some troops in yesterday but they never came out, you are our last chance!

You will be dropped in some woodland just outside the facility from where you will need to find your own way in. Be careful because the facility is highly defended. (5.5KB)
Afghanistan (v2)
By me_mantis (Paul the Great)
Category: Meteor Mods

This mod is a total conversion, well OK its basically a whole new game! Here are just some of the features: Loads of new enemies, plenty of new weapons, 18 single player missions, 41 multiplayer maps, new soundtrack, new sounds, new tiles!

Meteor_Afghanistan_v2.exe (9.07MB)
Meteor 2 Alternate Menu Background
By (unknown)
Category: Other Meteor Stuff

A very impressive replacement menu background for Meteor or Meteor 2.

This uses the same back image as the version (that I never released) for boogles.

Dthdealer sent this in as says:
I have not been able to track down the author, back then, and now. If anyone has any information to the original author can they please tell me so I can watermark the credits.

Did you make this image, if so please get in touch via the meteormods contact page! (634 KB)