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Real Time Strategy Shooter 1,2&3

Real Time Strategy Shooter 1,2&3
By me_mantis (Paul the Great)
Category: Meteor 2 Mods

Lots of Changes!
There are now 3 different versions - all with Multiplayer Support and AI controlled units.
1: Simple buildings and regular Meteor weapos
2: Modded Meteor 2 Weapons (more damage basically)
3: Modded Weapons, and Complex Buildings and more maps.
RTSS Discussion Thread and Change log

Originally Released April 3rd, 2006 With this message
"Enjoy!!!!! =D =D =D =D Yep! those smilies always displayed progress on the mod. =P =P =P " (6.35MB)
Last updated: 28 August 2010
Real Time Strategy Shooter 1,2&3 screen shot - click to view full size

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